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   This page is a gallery  of the Biblical sites that were selected by staff and readers as the “site of the month” during year 2019.

   The selection of the “site of the month” is usually a new site that was added during that past month and was considered at that time as an important addition to the web site and worthy of highlighting. You can look on these sites in order to visit these  “best” sites.

   The sites are ordered from the recent month on the top.

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Dec 2019 Artabba Fortress

Ruins of an unknown  Hasmonean/Herodion fortress on a hilltop on the bend of Nahal Natuf stream.

Nov 2019 Khirbet esh-Shuna (Ramathaim Zophim?)

Ruins of a Biblical city. This site may have been  Ramathaim Zophim – the home city and place of burial of prophet Samuel.

Oct 2019 Horvat Zonem

Ruins of a large village, dated to the Byzantine and Crusader/Mameluke periods. Its nickname – “the lost city” – is derived from its obscurity, as it was hidden inside the thick forest.

Sep 2019 Zereda (kh. Banat Bar)

    Ruins of an Iron Age fortress and village, identified as the home town of Jeroboam son of Nebat who split United Monarchy.

Aug 2019 Akhbara

   Akhbara was a Roman period village, fortified by Josephus Flavius. An impressive 100m high cliff (“the Rock of Akhbara”) soars above the valley, dotted with caves.

July 2019 Tel Nes 

  Ruins of a prehistoric and Iron Age fortified city situated on a volcanic cone in the eastern Upper Galilee region.

June  2019 Tel Ser’a- Biblical Ziklag?

  A large archaeological mound on the bank of Nahal Gerar, identified as David’s Ziklag.

1 Samuel 30:1-3: “David and his men were come to Ziklag”.

May  2019 Hill of the Four

    On the east side of the Mar Elias monastery, is a site named  “Hill of the Four” (Giv’at Ha’Arba’a).


Apr 2019 Airplane Hill

    On the west side of the Mar Elias monastery is a site named  “Airplane hill” (Giv’at Hamatos, Khirbet Tabaliya).


Mar 2019 Halamish (Neveh Tzuf)

  Ancient winery complex, oil presses, tombs and spring in and around the community of Halamish/Neveh Tzuf.

Feb 2019 Wineries Hill, Talmon

  On the hill are ruins of a village and agriculture installations dated to the first temple and Roman/Byzantine periods.

Jan 2019 Horvat Qisi

  Traces of a Roman period settlement, with agriculture installations, cisterns and hiding complexes.


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