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   This page is a gallery  of the Biblical sites that were selected by staff and readers as the “site of the month” during year 2016.

   The selection of the “site of the month” is usually a new site that was added during that past month and was considered at that time as an important addition to the web site and worthy of highlighting. You can look on these sites in order to visit these  “best” sites.

   The sites are ordered from the recent month on the top.

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Dec  2016 Ateret Fortress

  Ruins of a Crusaders fortress, near a key river crossing over the Upper Jordan river.

Nov 2016 Mo’a

  Impressive and well preserved Nabatean site, a station along the Incense and Spice route.

Oct 2016 Har  Yeruham

   Prehistoric sites on hills above lake Yeruham, dated to the Middle Bronze I period; including a settlement, burial heaps and Amorite temple.

Sep 2016 Gath (Tel Zafit, Tell es-Safi)

   Tel Zafit (Tell es-Safi) is one of the largest Biblical sites in Israel. Settlement  started in the Early Bronze Age, and was occupied with some interruptions for 5,000 years until modern times. It is widely accepted by scholars as the Philistine city of Gath – the hometown of Goliath.

Aug 2016 Tel ‘Erani

Ruins of a large multi-period Canaanite city near Kiryat Gat, first fortified in the Early Bronze I period.

July 2016 Zefat Fortress

Ruins of a huge fortress dated to the Crusaders and Mamluke periods, on a high hill above the city of  Zefat.


June 2016 Mashabei Sadeh

   Remarkably preserved village in the Negev Highland area, dated to the Intermediate Bronze period.

May  2016  Gamal Hill (Mount Camel)

   A small hill is located  near the northern rim of Makhtesh Ramon, offering great views of the Makhtesh. Remains of a Bronze Age village are located on its northern foothills.

Apr  2016 Yehi’am Crusader fortress

   Ruins of a Crusader hilltop fortress in the Upper Western Galilee near Kibbutz of Yehi’am.

Mar  2016 Tel Hadid

   Ruins of a multi-period Biblical city located on hill above the highway #6 tunnel.

Ezra 2:1,33: “…came again unto Jerusalem and Judah, every one unto his city; … The children of Lod, Hadid, and Ono…”.

Feb 2016 Tel ‘Eton

    Remains of a large Biblical city, identified as Eglon,  located in the Judean low hills .

(Joshua 10 5): “Therefore the five kings of the Amorites…  king of Eglon, gathered themselves … and made war against it”.

Jan 2016 Tell Ubeidiya (Tel Ovadiah)

    A walled Biblical city on a mound near the Jordan River. Nearby, a major prehistoric site with earliest remains of Early man outside Africa.

   Joshua 19:22: “And the coast reacheth to … Bethshemesh; and the outgoings of their border were at Jordan…”


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