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This page summarizes the sites that are reviewed in the area of Mount Carmel.

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Khirbet Oren

The site is in the center of mount Carmel, on top of a round hill, overlooking the Oren valley. It  was the site of a city in the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

Oren Prehistoric Caves

The site is located at the western edge of the Oren valley. In the hills there are a series of prehistoric caves where Early Man dwelt.

Carmel Prehistoric Caves

The large cave is located at the western slopes of Mount Carmel, in Nahal Maarot. There is a visitor center and guided tours.


Atlit is a large Crusader fortress, 20KM south of Haifa.  It was built in the 13th Century to add a port and protect the pilgrimage road from Acre to Jerusalem.


Haifa is the 3rd largest city in Israel. Its main facilities are the port of Haifa and the bay of Haifa with a refinery. Parts of the city are located on Mount Carmel.

Keren-Carmel (Mukhraka)

Keren-Carmel is a hill on the south-eastern side of mount Carmel. On the hill is a small Carmelite order church named after Elijah and the site of his victory over the Baal prophets. 1 Kings 18:40: “…and Elijah brought them down to the brook Kishon, and slew them there.”

Elijah slaughters the Ball prophets - a statue in the Mukhraka church

Khirbet Dubbah

Khirbet Dubbah  is the ruins of a Roman/Byzantine village, located  on a hill on the south-eastern side of mount Carmel, north of Keren-Carmel (Mukhraka).

View of Khirbet Dubah from the south side.

Khirbet Qarta (Dustrey)

A small Crusaders post east of the Atlit fortress. It was built as a police station in the beginning of the 12th Century to protect the pilgrimage road from Acre to Jerusalem.


  The site is located on a sandstone ridge along the ancient trade route on the Carmel coast. A Crusader fortress is located on the northern side. Recent excavations unearthed Byzantine wine presses, installations, and a trefoil-shaped church and its crypt.

Habonim: Byzantine church

Elijah’s Cave

One of the most sacred caves in the Holy Land. According to all faiths, this site was named after the prophet Elijah who was based in mount Carmel, lived and hid here. 1 Kings 18:42: “…And Elijah went up to the top of Carmel; and he cast himself down upon the earth, and put his face between his knees”

Elijah's cave - right wing

Carmelite Monastery,     Stella Maris

A Carmelite monastery and church on the west top side of the Carmel. The structure was rebuilt in the 19th C, and is one of the most popular sites in Haifa. 1 Kings 18:42: “…And Elijah went up to the top of Carmel;”

  Stella Maris

   A 19th C palace and lighthouse on the north-west side of Mount Carmel, built over levels from earlier periods. An ancient path leads to Elijah’s cave.

      Migdal Malcha (Milcha)

    Ruins of an ancient village on a sandstone ridge south-east to Atlit, along the coast road. The  site started as a large stone quarry, then used for burial caves and agriculture installations.

A burial cave cluster in Migdal Malcha.

   Siah Brook

   Ruins of a small 13th century Carmelite church and monastery in Siah brook, on the west side of the Carmel.

The ruins of the church in Siah Brook

Tel Dor (Dora)

  The ancient Phoenician port city is located on a mound on the Carmel coast, and was one of the greatest cities along the northern shore. Joshua  12 23: “The king of Dor in the coast of Dor”.

Tel Dor

Dor Shore (Tantura)

  This web page shows a gallery of nature photos along the coast around Tel Dor. This is part of the marine nature reserve of Dor-Habonim.

Tel Shikmona

    Ruins of the ancient port city of Haifa, located on the west shore side of Mount Carmel.

Kebara Prehistoric Cave

   A famous prehistoric cave in the south west cliffs of Mt. Carmel. – walk with us through the sites of the Holy Land

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