New page: Ein HaYadid

New site added in the Jordan valley area:

Tel Ein HaYadid is a ruin of a multi-period settlement, located on a natural basalt terrace at the foot of cliffs, adjacent to a small spring.


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New page: Tabor Delta

A new site was added in the Jordan river area:

  Tabor Delta Crossing –   Biblical sites near an ancient crossing point of the Jordan river at the delta of Nahal Tabor stream.


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New site: Horvat Ziwan

New site added in the Jordan Valley area:

Horvat Ziwan – An impressive Iron Age II fortress and settlement, built on the summit of a steep ridge overlooking the Jordan valley near Nahal Tabor stream.


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New Page: Esh Shakk

A new site was added in Samaria area: Esh-Shakk valley sites

Iron Age and Byzantine Sites on the side of a major trade route in the esh-shakk valley.

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