New drone views

A weekend hike, to Samaria and the Jordan valley, yielded 3 new exciting drone views:

  • Tell el-Hilu – an archaeological mound, at the junction of Wadis el-Helwah and el-Malih
  • Khirbet Makhruk – Ruins of a large Canaanite fortified city and Israelite Kingdom period fortresses
  • Tel Rechov – one of the largest cities in the region during the LB and Iron Age I-IIa periods

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Text-2-Image illustrations

Started to use Open AI tool of Dall-E 2 – a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.

First use in web page: Burnt House.

Also used Stable Diffusion online with text, such as: “Greeks battle Hasmoneans”:

Yet another good text-2-image: Craiyon

These programs are a branch of AI that generate data, such as drawings in this case, hence they are called Generative Artificial Intelligence. The illustrations provide supporting material to the descriptions in Therefore – future helps to shape the past!



Website restored

Website encountered several issues since January 18.

It is now, January 20, fully restored.







New page: Ein HaYadid

New site added in the Jordan valley area:

Tel Ein HaYadid is a ruin of a multi-period settlement, located on a natural basalt terrace at the foot of cliffs, adjacent to a small spring.


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New page: Tabor Delta

A new site was added in the Jordan river area:

  Tabor Delta Crossing –   Biblical sites near an ancient crossing point of the Jordan river at the delta of Nahal Tabor stream.


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