New page: Horvat Lavnin

A new site was added:

Horvat LavninRuins of an Iron Age, Early-Roman and Byzantine village in the Judean foothills region, south of the valley of Elah.

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New page: Kh. al-Ra’i

A new site was added in the Judea low hills area: Khirbet al-Ra’i

A multi-period archaeological site, with a peak settlement period during the Iron Age period. A rare inscription was found here, bearing the Biblical name Jerubba’al.

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New page: Tel Ein Haddah

A new site was added in the north-east area of Yizreel valley: Tel Ein Haddah

A multi-period archaeological site located on the plateau above Yavne’el, named after its spring (Ein Haddah).


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New page: Kh. ‘Alya

A new site was added in the Beth Shemesh area:

Khirbet el-‘Alya is a multi-period site, towering over the west side of Ramat Beit-Shemesh Aleph.

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New Page: Horvat Ritma

A new site was added in the Negev area:

Ruins of a Israelite period desert fortress and small settlement, near the confluence of  Nahal Boker and HaRoeh streams with HaBasor stream.

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New Page: Ramat-Boker fortress

New site added in the Negev desert area: Ramat-Boker fortress

Ruins of Iron Age fortress and settlement, overlooking the valley of Nahal Boker. It guarded the ancient desert route thru Nahal Besor.

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