New Page – Berniki hill

New site added – Ruins of a 8th century church located on Mt. Berniki (Berenice), high above the Roman city of Tiberias. Nicknamed ‘the Anchor Church’ based on a relic stone found embedded in its apse.

  Visit the site of Berniki hill in Tiberias.



New Page – Karm er-Ras

New site added –

    Karm er-Ras is possible location of Jesus’s first miracle – turning water to wine. The site is located near the traditional place in Kafr Kanna.

Visit the site of Karm er-Ras



New page – Tel Haror

A new site was added in the Shefela area – Tel Haror. Ruins of a multi-period massive Biblical city. A possible identification is Gerar, an important royal city in the age of the Patriarchs.

  See the Tel Haror page.