New page: Kh. ‘Alya

A new site was added in the Beth Shemesh area:

Khirbet el-‘Alya is a multi-period site, towering over the west side of Ramat Beit-Shemesh Aleph.

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New Page: Horvat Ritma

A new site was added in the Negev area:

Ruins of a Israelite period desert fortress and small settlement, near the confluence of  Nahal Boker and HaRoeh streams with HaBasor stream.

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New Page: Ramat-Boker fortress

New site added in the Negev desert area: Ramat-Boker fortress

Ruins of Iron Age fortress and settlement, overlooking the valley of Nahal Boker. It guarded the ancient desert route thru Nahal Besor.

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Updated page: Beerotayim

  A new place was added in the Beerotayim (Ezuz) page: Iron Age fortress
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   An Iron Age fortress was located on the western hill overlooking the ancient route from to Kadesh Barnea, and protected the osasis of the “two wells”. It is dated to the Iron Age IIa period (1000-925 BC), and continued to be in use during the Persian period.

New Page: Naburiya

A new site was added in the Upper Galilee area: Naburiya (Kefar-Nevorya, Navoraya, Nebratein) –

A Jewish village of the first and second temple and the Roman/Byzantine periods, with ruins of a synagogue.

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New page: Tel Gador

A new site was added in the Sharon region: Tel Gador

Remains of an ancient multi-period port city, south of the ford of Nahal Hadera river.

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