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This page provides an interactive map of the sites that are featured in the Yizreel (Jezreel) and Beth She’an Valleys sites group.

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  • Jezreel Valley: The Jezreel Valley, also known as the Valley of Jezreel or the Plain of Esdraelon, is a fertile agricultural region in northern Israel. It is located between the Carmel Mountains to the west and the Jordan River to the east, and is about 40 miles (64 km) long and 20 miles (32 km) wide. The Jezreel Valley has played an important role in the history of the region for thousands of years. It has been a crossroads of trade and military campaigns, and was the site of numerous battles and conflicts throughout history, including battles in biblical times and during the First World War. Today, the Jezreel Valley is known for its rich agricultural production, including crops such as wheat, cotton, and citrus fruits. The region is also home to several important archaeological sites, including the ancient city of Megiddo, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Tel Megiddo National Park. The Jezreel Valley is a popular tourist destination, offering visitors the chance to explore the region’s history, culture, and natural beauty.
  •  Beit Shean Valley: The Beit Shean Valley, also known as the Valley of Springs, is a geographic region in northern Israel, located between the Galilee Mountains to the west and the Jordan River to the east. The valley is named after the ancient city of Beit Shean, which is located in the region and has been inhabited for thousands of years. The Beit Shean Valley is known for its natural beauty, with numerous springs and waterfalls that attract visitors throughout the year. The region is also an important agricultural area, with crops such as cotton, wheat, and sunflowers grown in the fertile soil. In addition to its natural and agricultural significance, the Beit Shean Valley is also home to several important historical and archaeological sites. The ancient city of Beit Shean was a major center of trade and culture in ancient times, and its ruins offer a glimpse into the region’s rich history.


The sites are marked on the Google satellite/road map. Hover over the marker to see the title, and press on the marker to jump to that site’s review. Select Map or Satellite display.

A table of sites appear below it; selecting any row will jump to its marker on the map.

The colored markers on the map stand for the classes of sites:

● Blue = Old Testament

● Red = New Testament

● Purple= other ancient periods,

● Green= prehistoric, nature

● Yellow= regional galleries

Sites of the Yizreel Valley

New Testament
Beit Alpha
Beit Shean
Old Testament
Beit Shearim
Beth Lehem (Galilee)
Carmel sites
Regional sites
Ein Dor
Old Testament
Harod Spring
Horvat Qisi
Jordan valley maps
Regional sites
Kh. Sahar
Kishon River
Lower Galilee sites
Regional sites
Migdal Haemek
Mount Tabor
Old Testament
New Testament
Nazareth sites Gallery
Regional sites
Sabbath Stone
Sarid (Tell Shadud)
Old Testament
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