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1. Original Photos:

The contents of our website are original: the web ware is carefully prepared, photographed, visited and researched by our staff. All the items are copyrighted: they can be used in other web sites, publications, public lectures or any other forms only after receiving our written permission in advance. In such case that permission is granted -we ask you to credit our web site in a visible way, and link to our home page.

   More than 18,500 photos are featured across the 500+ Biblical sites featured in BibleWalks. They appear in two forms: low resolution and high resolution, as detailed below:

(a) Low resolution images (720 pixels wide)

Appear on the pages, which we normally offer for free after receiving your written request.

You may embed a single photo in your web site, blog or social post. These are the guiding rules:

  • Your site/blog/post is related to our theme (religion, history, archaeology, travel, nature)
  • The site does not contain material unsuitable for minors, or incites hatred
  • The photo is not for commercial use

(b) High resolution images

These photos can be seen by clicking on the image. Most of these are watermarked. You can purchase the license in order to download the original image without the watermarks.

If you are interested in ordering one or more of these photos for use in your presentations, books, magazines or theater shows – please contact us  for more details on their price. The standard price is 50 US$ for each high resolution (Megapixel) photo. A discount is available in case of a bulk purchase of 5 or more photos.

We will issue an invoice and instructions for the payment. The method of payment is either by a Paypal account, or with a major credit card (via the Paypal collection service; you don’t need a PayPal account to use your credit card with PayPal).  After receiving a confirmation on the payment, the original photo will be made available for download within one or two working days.


2. Text Advertisements:

You can purchase space for short text advertisements to be placed  on selected pages. BibleWalks is the leading website on Biblical sites and travel, and we welcome ads that could promote your business.

  Each campaign can be purchased for a minimum of 3 month period on a single web page. The cost of the campaign depends on the popularity of the web page. Some pages, such as the Home page, are excluded from ads. BibleWalks.com reserves right to refuse to accept banners that do not confirm to web site guidelines and spirit. Please contact us  for more details on advertising.


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