This web page has a set of references and tools for researching the bible, the history and the Holy Land.

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This page has a set of useful research references and tools:

Misc Refs

(1) Biblical references (KJV):

You can also search the bible – in our info page.

Bible as a Map – AI generated by Stable Diffusion


(2) Historical and Archaeological References:

  • Atiqot – publications of the IAA

You can also see our timeline page – in our info page.

(3) Maps References:

  • Survey of Western Palestine  (19th century) (a must-have reference!) Vol1  (sheets 1-6) Vol2 (sheets 7-16) Vol3 (sheets 17-26) Other listings (Internet Archive)
  • Archaeological Surveys of Israel (Hebrew; recommended!)  Also in English (abstracts)
  • “The Roads and Highways of Ancient Israel – David A. Dorsey [300 pages, 1991]    A must-have resource! 

     You can also see the maps for each region, and additional links in the maps info page.

BibleWalker– AI generated by Stable Diffusion

(4) Dictionary:

You can also see our Glossary and Etymology– in the info pages.

(5) Mishna & Talmud references:

(6) Misc references: – walk with us through the sites of the Holy Land

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