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This page contains a selection of the e-mails we receive from our readers. We thank all of you who bother to drop us a letter and share us with your BibleWalks experience.  

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Selected Feedback Emails:


May 23, 2023

Hello.  Just wanted to thank everyone at BibleWalks for creating such an incredible resource.  My name is Ian, live outside London and have been a Christian for over 45 years.  Have visited Israel five times.  The first trip was with the Reconciliation Walk team led by Lynn Green, back in late 90’s.  Fourth trip was to Haifa in 2018, where stayed at Christian drug rehabilitation centre and did some voluntary work (painting) at Atlit museum.  There is so much history in Israel and it is difficult to take everything in and put everything in historical context.  When I study the bible in depth, I want to know where the various places are, especially in the Old Testament.

So your website is brilliant and gives so much concise, accurate detail with great pics, videos, maps etc.  It  saves me trawling around different sites to get info.  So well done and every blessing to you all in the name of the Lord Yeshua.

Ian from London

Sep 17, 2022

Dear Ms. Rotem,

I came across your leading website and was amazed at its interesting and comprehensive contents and pictures. I have found it very relevant and interesting for my people. 64% out of 120 million of the Ethiopian population are Christians Orthodox. They are very religious and connected to the Bible and to the Holy Land. Most of them do not understand any English and will never afford to come and visit Israel. Therefore, I believe your site is very valuable for them and mostly for the youth in Ethiopia. While browsing your website, I noticed that there isn’t any translation into the Amharic. Therefore, I would like to ask you if I can translate into Amharic the contents compiled on your Biblewalks website.

I thank you in advance and looking for your answer and advice.

I wish you and the staff a happy new year, Shana Tova!


Sahilu Baye Alemu

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Jan 8, 2022:

From Dan B., author of a new book about Jesus:

 “… Your website was one of my inspirations for doing this book, so thank you very much for your incredible website and work on it over the years.  I still check every few days to see if you’ve posted a new site to your gallery”.

Nov 11, 2019:

Dear staff members,

I have spent one year in the country and the information from as well as the inspiration through was gold to me.

Thank you so much for having invested assumingly a lot of time and resources to collect that much information about the wide range of places.

I have heard some people say that the Holy Land is the 5th gospel. Referencing St. Jerome: “There are 5 gospels: 4 in the scripture, and 1 in the landscape. If you read the 5th one, the others 4 will open themselves up to you.”

It felt a bit like this to me. In this regard, thank you very much for your work.
Martin, Germany


Mar 30, 2019:

Just wanted to thank you for your website. I am visiting Israel with my son (this is my 4th trip here) and we did it in a rental car this time – not a tour group like I did before. I found your site very helpful in finding unique places to go to that most groups don’t visit. Thank you and keep it up.

Mar 15, 2019:

Hi Rotem,
Just to tell you that your site is AMAZING! GREAT job!
One of the best I saw about biblical Israel in all the internet! I am preparing a trip for my church and your site is my guide.
May the Lord bless you.

Albufeira, Portugal

Feb 6, 2019:

Dear Rotem,
I just found your website today, and I found it truly excelllent. You and your team have done a marvelous job. Congratulations. I appreciate it very much. I especially like the Bible quotes relevant to each of the sites, the historical context and the top-rated pictures that you provide!
I went for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land last October (2008) and I was so personally moved to see the places where Lord Jesus lived and walked. Upon my return to my home country my mind remains in there. And all the information and wonderful pictures that you provide us through Biblewalks website greatly help me to reflect on the pilgrimage and on the great love of God to us human beings.
My deep gratitute to you and your team. Keep up the good (and blessed) works!
God bless you all always. Amen.

Dr. Wardaya, Indonesia

Feb 5, 2018:


I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the site and how helpful it has been for me. I just passed this morning my oral exam to be a tour guide in Israel and I have to say that for all the 85 trips I made for my studies, every time, I checked info, used the pictures and learned a lot thanks to you.

You’ve done an amazing work on all the sites of the country and it’s a real pleasure to learn thanks to you.

Thank you very much


July 31, 2015:

I have been looking for a website that will give me in depth info on Israel holy land sites and great biblical archeology photos. Yours is the best there is. I really feel your passion.

Thank you for all the hard work Rotem and Family!

K. Jones

Mar 1, 2015:

Thank you so much for your web site.  You are an amazing individual to put this together and you inspire me.  I will be taking my 3rh trip to Israel next week.  Your web site if is my favorite… I  made a small contribution to your web site through PayPal. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

God Bless You!!!

P. Szydlowski. Florida, USA

Feb 8, 2015:

Just wanted to say how great a resource you are providing. Bless your labor of love.
I do scriptural/theological studies and the lay of the land is a very critical element of the accounts. Recently I’ve been writing on Caesarea Philippi (Banias) and the events that occurred there. Getting to understand how the place is laid out was SO important. Your site was great help. Thank you again.

P.  Sherrouse

Nov 8, 2014:

Greetings, and thank you for preparing such an excellent site.  I just returned from a trip that included some archaeological sites in Israel, and you helped me label a few of my photos (I must have moved through the Qumran site too quickly when I was there two weeks ago — I didn’t get my bearings well enough to recognize the kitchen and the nightly study room when I got back home!).  Of course the Qumran page was so well laid out that I had to see what you all did with some other sites, and I go away very impressed.  I’ll be sending my students here for a reliable introduction to relevant locations.

D. De Silva, Ohio, USA


July 4, 2014:


I am just writing to say how much I like and appreciate your site. I have learnt so much about Israel from it.
My husband and I have now visited Israel three times and your site has helped enormously in planning our trips, as I try did pick out different Biblical locations to visit.  I just wanted to thank you for the tremendous effort and time you put into making the site.
I often refer other people in Trip Advisor to your site also.  There are many who come there looking for info on different biblical sites to visit and your site is one of two which gives great explanations and pictures.  Thanks also for instructions on how to reach those places.

Warm regards…

Heather,  Melbourne, Australia


Oct 31, 2013:

Have recently returned from my first pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Your site has enabled me to vividly re-live my experience and explore in depth all that I felt I had missed, at the time, owing to the enormous amount to absorb,……..on all levels.   Thank you so much. I shall pass this on to fellow pilgrims.

Phyl , United Kingdom


Mar 25, 2013:

I found your website today, and I was totally impressed. I was reading the book of Joshua in the Bible where it spoke about the Jordan River, and I wanted to see a map of exactly where it was located.  I am so blessed to have a Bible to read.  It was so neat to see the pictures and Bible verses on your website. It  brought tears to my eyes literally to see the pictures and read the Bible verses that went with that location.  Seeing the verses beside the pictures on your site also reminded me of the other verses I had read in the past.

Thank you so much for sharing God’s word.

Thanks again, Viki


Nov 29, 2012:

What a site ! Words are not enough to describe how I feel. To visit the places that our Lord and Saviour walked !

Thank you, thank you, thank you !

Wendy, Caversham, United Kingdom


Sep 8, 2012:


I’ve always wanted to go to the holy lands and with your site you make it so informative and interesting like I’m already there! Love the pictures!  Just wanted to say thanks.

God Bless,

Marianne, Las Vegas


May 4, 2012:

Your website is lovely. There is a vibe of holiness just viewing the photos…



Dec 12, 2011:

Hi Rotem,

We got back from a trip to the Holy Land, however I regularly visit your website to relive the experience!! It brings back fantastic memories of our trip and also enriches us with the wealth of knowledge on your various pages.

Keep up the good work.

God Bless, Oscar


Oct 4, 2011:

I just wanted to compliment you and your web site.  The pictures from Sochoh are wonderful and the explanation is clear and to the point.  No commentary, which I appreciate, and just enough details to suit a tour guide in finding his way to the site and preparing a visit for tourists.

Kol HaKavod. Steve


Sep 20, 2011:

Thanks so very much for your wonderful website : Jesus footsteps.  I have spent hours on it! Just came back from the Holy land and it has been a life changing experience for me.  Although we had an experienced and knowledgeable guide, with so much to see and so much  information to take in, I think that I would have lost that opportunity to contemplate the actual moments of being in the holy land if I had spent most of my time watching it through a camera view finder or trying  to scribble down notes. This website has assisted my memory and expanded my understanding of the places visited.

Thanks, once again. Mark


May 27, 2011:

First I would like to demonstrate my gratitude for the work that you have put together. To go through your website in easy, simple and fun with a very good outcome. I will be going to Israel soon and I am doing basically all my research through your materials!
Thank you, and keep up the good work!
Shalom from Brazil



Mar 29, 2011:

Dear Rotem

Your site bible walks .com is absolutely brilliant.

I am using it to plan a trip to Israel and visit the Biblical sites from the Old Testament. I have used many website , but this one beats them all

The facility to refer from the main map to individual site and then to learn in a flash about each site it history and detail of its features is wonderful

Within a short while I have been able to sort out:

·  what archeological sites there are,

·  which places are appropriate to the period that I am interested in,

·  which ones have enough to see to warrant a trip there,

·  the historical and geographical and ecological context

The fabulous mix of text photos and maps makes it amazingly easy to glean a lot in a short time

Well done. God bless you in your fantastic work


South Africa


Nov 17, 2010:


Greetings from Southern California.  As a Christian who seeks to further deepen my faith and draw closer in relationship with God, I search for ways to broaden my understanding of the Bible and the places described therein.  I often find myself studying maps and searching for photos online to gain a better perspective.  Today while surfing the web I found your website.  What an amazing treasure discovery!  I spent at least a couple hours reading the pages and clicking on links to the various locations where you have provided excellent photo coverage and commentary.  The more I saw, the more I searched and the longer I stayed.  You have done a fabulous job of cataloging, organizing and arranging the content.  Your website has a professional feel and look, not to mention easy to navigate through.

Thank you for your dedication and excellent work by making this content available on the web for the entire world to view and interact with.  I pray that God will bless you beyond measure for your contributions to the faith.  Once again, thank you very much.  I look forward to sharing your website with others and continuing my own quest to deepen my own knowledge.

Sincerely yours,


Southern California


Apr 9, 2010:

Hi Rotem

I    am impressed of your great work building this web-site – with all these facts and information, related bible-references and beautiful and informative pictures!
Your web-site is a real treasure – and a great tribute to your land – to the Lord – and a to His Word!

Thank you for giving an educational and a trustworthy source of knowledge and blessings to me and other visitors! It is a deep connection between the Land, the Lord, His Word/The Bible and his people – now and then – looong time ago! You are presenting and representing the evidence!
You’re doing the right thing 🙂 Again: Thank you! God bless you!

Arve from Norway


March 21, 2010:

Dear Rotem,
I just discovered your website.  It is fantastic!  I’ve traveled to Israel many times, but when I look at the information and pictures you have, I’m learning new things.
I will be using your site often and look forward to new sights at they become available.
Thank you, KB in Texas

Oct 1, 2009:


I was in your beautiful country this past summer with Pilgrim Tours and fell completely in love with the history and majesty of your land. Thank you for making available such a wonderful website to the general public. If you would like a suggest for a future site to put on your website, I would recommend the City of David. I only had a few hours to visit this great site and barely scratched the surface. Once again, thank you for your dedicated work. It is much appreciated.


Atlanta, Georgia


Sep 13, 2009:

Dear Rotem,

Your website is excellent and very informative . I love it and come back to read many times.  THANKS FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL WORK.

Tuan, Toronto, Canada


July 22, 2009:

Dear Rotem,

I have recently been browsing your website. Browsing might be too small a description. Devouring it would be more precise. I am amazed at the photos and the information contained in the website. Seeing images of sites that I have long heard of is truly amazing and yours are truly the best I have seen on the Internet.

I have spent most of my afternoon on your website. It is so wonderful. I am amazed at the wide scale nature of the area you have covered. I wish and pray that I may be able to visit Israel one day.

Jim, Arizona, USA


May 16, 2009:

Dear Rotem,

I was deeply impressed by the site’s size and content – a truly professional masterpiece which is a ”must-stop” to anyone visiting Israel, or wishing to get closer to Yeshua.

As I’m personally deeply attracted to Christian points of interest (to put it broadly), your wonderful site will surely become a very useful tool for me. I also intend to refer my Christian friends to it.

Best regards – Shai, Jerusalem


Mar 25, 2009:

God bless you, as it is lenten season so I sit on net and search for pictorial Jesus life so results give me your website. Your website is really wonderful as it gives a tour of Holy Places on internet on just sitting on one seat. I feel very happy to visit the Holy places through your site. I will say it amazing. You done a wonderful job. I was considering myself as a pilgrim and you as my guide who is guiding me the places where Jesus visits and moves from there perform miracles in this more than three years of  preaching life. … I congratulate the research person and all the team behind this. God bless you with good health, wealth and wisdom. –  Ben, Pakistan


Dec 26, 2008:

“I’m almost in tears with joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow and Wow, This is like finding gold, I will also forward this to all my friends and husband who is a priest.

THANK YOU Sharron”


Sep 26, 2008:

“Dear Rotem,
My name is Rami living in Jerusalem. I’m studying to become a tour guide and I would really thank you for this wonderful site. It is really helpful and very easy to access.
Keep it up!”

Aug 7, 2008:

“I am a US senior citizen who visited Israel last year.  I did not have a camera, therefore I really appreciate the great pictures on your site. I just want to also thank you for the explanations. I was part of a tour and the guide gave us info, but it was not always as clear as the concise and clear descriptions you have. What a blessing it is to be able to again see the sights.   Thank you very much. Shalom, Jean”


July 25, 2008:

“Thanks for the treasure of photos and info on Elijah you’ve provided…

Thank you again for this amazing site. I wish there were more like it!!



July 25, 2008:

” Just to say that I have just found your fantastic website and have added it to my favorites.  This brings the Bible Alive!!”

– Brenda


Aug 15, 2007:

Dear Rotem

Thank you for granting this use permission and for such a prompt reply. I am by profession a photo researcher for a local publishing company and am very impressed with the images I have seen on your website.




June 18, 2007:

I love the Holy Land so much!!! Thank you and congratulations for producing the best site on Israel.  Your love for the land of the Bible shines thru in every aspect of your webpage.  It incorporates everything that can be asked for.  It is an amazing teaching/learning tool as well, and my students will benefit much from it.
Todah raba!!! George

May 18, 2007:

Hi Rotem,

Please keep going, because in Love we have Peace and in Peace we are the sons of God, we all the People.

God bless you !

Bye Jubrail – Munich


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