Museums in Israel

   There are  many museums across the Galilee and Israel. They  help to educate the public and youth on the Biblical roots of the Holy Land.

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The IAA activities

Review of Local museums

(a) IAA : the Movie:

The IAA (Israel Antiquities Authority) are responsible for the excavations and restorations of antiquities in Israel.

View the movie presentation to learn about their activities.

(b) Review of local museums (in Hebrew):

    One of the sources for information on the Biblical history and archaeology can be found in the small regional museums that are scattered across the country. They display local archaeological findings and artifacts, usually dug out in excavations of the ancient sites around the museum.

   Some focus on a certain topic, such as the history of the agriculture in the Yizreel (Jezreel) valley. Each such museum provides information on the history of such topics and links it to the Biblical texts.

   A review of a selection of these museums was prepared by our editorial contributor, Aviva.

 Note: It is written in Hebrew, and we hope to translate it in the near future. The article is updated from time to time, and more museums and information will be added.

The article summarizes the featured topics in each museum, and provides sample photos, general information and references.

Click  to download and review it.   

Yarmuch culture museum, Sha'ar Hagolan

Yarmuch Museum, Kibbutz Sha’ar Ha-Golan – walk with us through the sites of the Holy Land

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