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This overview page provides a list of the sites included in the BibleWalks archaeological survey of the Jordan Valley and its surrounding vicinity.

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Starting in May 2022, Biblewalks has embarked on an extensive survey of the Jordan River and its surrounding environs. The goal of this endeavor is to meticulously examine the ancient sites nestled in this region and subsequently share our discoveries through our website. Despite its historical significance, this area has remained relatively unexplored by archaeologists.

Encompassing the Jordan and Beit-Shean valleys, the northeast hill area of Samaria, as well as the eastern sectors of the lower Galilee and Jezreel valley, our survey encompasses a broad geographical scope.

Our dedicated team, spearheaded by archaeologist Ayelet Keidar-Goldberg from the IAA and the Hebrew University, alongside Yoram and Roni Hofman, is at the forefront of this initiative. Our survey activities are conducted on a weekly basis, specifically on Friday mornings. Following these field excursions, we diligently process the findings and subsequently share them with the public through our website and our YouTube channel. This approach ensures that our discoveries are made accessible to a wider audience, fostering a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural significance of the sites we explore.

The sites:

The following table shows the date of survey, the surveyed sites, and a link to their publication on or to Biblewalks’ YouTube channel.

Survey Date Site Name Published page/YouTube
1 28/11/21 Kh. el Judeidah YouTube
2 7/5/22 Ein Hanaziv tombs
Tel Nissa Tel Nissa
3 20/5/22 Tel Nissa (2nd visit) Tel Nissa
Tel Eshtori
Kfar Ruppin sites: Kfar Ruppin ford crossing
  ‘Artal Tel ‘Artal page
  Karpas  Kfar Ruppin
  Halashon  Kfar Ruppin
  Zarom  Kfar Ruppin
Kataf  Kfar Ruppin
Masad  Kfar Ruppin
4 3/6/22 Tel Hammath Tel Hammath page
Tel Menorah Horvat Menorah
Tel Shalem YouTube
Tel Shkafim Horvat Menorah
5 10/6/22 Tel Teomim You Tube
Muntar esh Shukk esh Shukk
Kh. Esh Shakk esh Shukk
6 16/7/22 Kh. Mahallal YouTube
Kh. el Mallaqe
Kh. Umm Ghazal esh Shukk valley
7 5/8/22 Tel Abu Sus, Sakut Abu Sus and Sakut
Kh el Marma YouTube
Tel Gamma Tel Gamma
Tel Tsaf Tel Tsaf
Tel Rehob -burnt Rehob
8 12/8/22 Jebel Khimyar YouTube
Wadi Malih Hwy 90 YouTube
Maoz Haim
Karpas North Kfar Ruppin
9 20/8/22 Tel Semad
Tel Ro’eh
Tel Saharon
10 2/9/22 Qa’un Kh. Qaun
11 9/9/22 Tell el Fir
Kh. el Bawti
Tel Issachar Tel Issachar
Khirbet Kita
Horvat Ziwan Horvat Ziwan
Tel Kittan Tabor delta
12 23/9/22 Horvat Ziwan Horvat Ziwan
13 7/10/22 Horvat Zavon YouTube
Horvat Sheti YouTube
Tel Ein Haddah Tel Ein Haddah
14 17/10/22 Mt Saul Saul’s Shoulder
Givat Yonathan
15 28/10/22 Kh. Ein Bedriyeh
Tel Yakush Tabor Delta Crossing
Tel Zan Tabor Delta Crossing
Tel Shoshan Tabor Delta Crossing
16 25/11/22 Tel Shamat
Horbat Minha Minha
17 2/12/22 Horbat Minha Minha
Horvat Adamah YouTube
Tel Adamah
18 12/12/22 Gesher prehistoric
Horvat Ziwan Horvat Ziwan
19 19/12/22 Horbat Minha  Minha
Dalhamiya Dalhamiya
20 30/12/22 Horvat Hagal YouTube
21 6/1/23 Murasus
Yebla YouTube
22 27/1/23 es Suwede Roman camp YouTube
Khirbet Mufye YouTube
23 3/2/23 Khan el Akhmar
Maliah YouTube
Kataf Ruppin river crossing
Mosque of the 40
24 17/2/23 Horvat Shahot YouTube
Esh Sheikha ascent
Horvat Gvul
25 3/3/23 Yonathan Hill
Givat Hazavim, Jordan valley
Beit Shean (dump)
Horvat Rodem
26 10/3/23 Tel Rechov (east) Tel Rechov
Kh. Mahruk Makhruk
Tel Dubleka
Ein Hilu Hilu
Tel Hilu YouTube
27 17/3/23 Kh. Beka Dalhamiya Dalhamiya
Tel Ein Gev
Tel Iztaba YouTube
28 24/3/23 Horvat Menorim Menorim
29 2/4/23 Kh. Zivan Horvat Ziwan
30 22/4/23 Tel Kedesh Tel Kedesh
31 12/5/23 Poriyah Tower Round Tower
Horvat Zeev
Ein Shakal
32 9/6/23 Huga
Tel Shlavim
33 16/6/23 Horvat Migda Migda
Qa’un North Qaun
Mifrechet HaTamar
34 30/6/23 Horvat Migda – ridge Migda
Metzad Avinadav YouTube
35 20/7/23 Horvat Geduda YouTube
Givat Huhit ruin
36 23/7/23 Harod spring Harod Spring
37 27/7/23 Mt. Barkan YouTube
38 4/8/23 Horvat Fakuit YouTube
39 11/8/23 Horvat Fakuit YouTube
Mt Akhinoam, Gilboa
Mt Izpor, Gilboa
40 25/8/23 Horvat Adashim
Tel Adashim
Kh. Mazra
Tel Yifar (el-Phar) Tel Yifar
41 02/09/2023 Malkishua’s cave YouTube
Tel Shkafim Horvat Menorah
Tel Zalafim Horvat Menorah
Kefar Karnayim  Horvat Menorah
42 08/09/2023 Ner (south)
Pisga 522
Horvat Mazarim YouTube
43 22/09/2023 Horvat Mazarim YouTube
Old Tel Yosef YouTube
44 25/09/2023 Tel Jezreel Tel Jezreel
45 29/09/2023 Rechaniya tombs
Tel Nissa Tel Nissa
Tel Artal Tel Artal
Tel Tsaf Tel Tsaf
Tel Gamma Tel Gamma

This list will grow…

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This page was last updated on Sep 29, 2023 (surveys 44-45) – “Arise, walk through the land in the length of it and in the breadth of it…” (Genesis 13:17)

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