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   This page is an overview of web pages that provide background information for a selection of subjects that are referred in These include biblical references and resources, historical summaries, archaeological information, educational links, with scripture references and more.

Info pages are grouped into the following subjects:

  1. Biblical subjects – The Tribes, Bible Searches, Biblical articles, Ark of Covenant
  2. History & Archaeological – Timeline, The Tel, Urbanization, Prehistoric sites
  3. Maps – a list of maps of the featured sites and useful maps
  4. Travel & Sports – Extreme sports, Museums
  5. People and the Bible – Etymology,Moshe Dayan, Elijah the prophet, Byzantine Monks, Crusaders, Nabateans, Deborah & Barak, St. Peter, Jesus footsteps and travel maps
  6. Ancient Structures – Aqueducts, Flour mills, Winepresses, Oil presses, Water systems, Roman roads & streets, earthquakes, mosaics
  7. Nature – Wild flowers, Birds, Trees
  8. Other Subjects – Glossary, References, Greek Initials
  9. Contributors
  10. Photography – Quadcopter aerial views

Select one of the info pages below:


(1) Biblical subjects:

  •  The Tribes – a description of the regions of the Tribes of Israel, emphasis on the Galilee tribes and mapping to the sites.
  • Bible Search tools – useful utilities for searching words in the Holy books
  • Biblical Articles – Articles written by our readers, related to Biblical subjects.
  • Ark of Covenant – the ark and its Journeys

(2) History & Archaeology Info:

(3) Maps

(4) Sports and Travel:

(5) People and the Bible:

  • Etymology – Behind people’s names – explanation of persons’ names that appear in, with scripture references.
  • Elijah the prophet – sites associated with Elijah
  • Byzantine Monks – Monasticism in Judean desert
  • Crusaders – The Crusades and their sites
  • Nabateans – The Nabateans and their sites
  • Deborah & Barak  – Sites associated with the army chief Barak, son of  Abinoam, and the prophetess Deborah who judged Israel at that time.
  • St. Peter – Info on St. Peter, and map to associated with Peter
  • Jesus – an overview page, points to the web pages that are reviewed in and focus on Jesus.
  • Jesus footsteps – 100 events in last 100 days, mapped to the sites that are reviewed in
  • Jesus Travel Maps – Map and aerial view of the sites Jesus visited and are referenced in the New Testament.

(6) Ancient structures:

Agriculture and Industry:


  • Roman Roads – Roman roads  between the cities   
  • Roman Streets – Roman streets inside the cities      
  • Earthquakes – Earthquakes in the Holy land
  • Mosaics – an overview of mosaics in Biblewalks sites
  • Airport Mosaics – display of 3 mosaic floors in Ben-Gurion airport

(7) Nature  subjects:

  • Wild Flowers – flowers, herbs and plants in BibleWalks sites
  • Trees – trees and bushes in BibleWalks sites
  • Birds – Birds of the Holy Land       

(8) Other  subjects:

  • Glossary – lookup of terms, names, subjects that are commonly used in this web site.
  • References – list of biblical, historical, geographical references.
  • Greek Initials – explanation of common initials         

(9) Contributors:

  • Rina – about our internal artist           

(10) Photography: – walk with us through the sites of the Holy Land

Navigation thru Info pages:

You can use the Nav-Bar at the bottom of each page to follow the info pages in a sequence.

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