The Empires in the history of Israel

This page provides information on the empires that once ruled the land of Israel, and shaped its history.

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This page provides information on the empires that shaped the history of ancient Israel.


   The land of Israel witnessed hundreds of battles, intrusions from external empires, and changing rulers over the past 5,000 years of written history. As a buffer zone between the empires and different religions, the Land of Israel was indeed a hot spot. There were many turmoil years: the land has seen suffering, destruction, cruel acts, burning cities and towns, its people being killed or sold to slavery.  The leaders of  of the nation did not always bet on the right side, which in some cases pulled Israel into a undesired fights and defeats that resulted in tragedy. This usually happened when the empires phased out or in, causing a transition period, creating void and insecurity. In their despair, the people of the Land turned to God in a quest for peace and stability.

    Between these hardship years there were some calmer times, especially when the ruling empire was strong and implemented successful civil management and developed the cities. In these good days the Land of Israel prospered, engaged in trade within the empire, and its strategic location was used to bring wealth to the people of Israel.

   Therefore, it is important to study the dynamic pattern of the empires during the course of the history of the land of Israel. The historic events were triggered by the transitions of the empires, which shaped the history of the land. Most of these events, and the history of the empires,  were recorded in the Biblical texts.

5,000 years of history in 90 seconds:

The following flash animation shows a brief history of the empires over the history of 5000 years in a 90 seconds clip. It requires flash on your computer. The window will initially be blank. After it loads, you can play it, pause it, or rerun the animation.

                          Source: Maps of War


* Further information can be find in the Timeline of the land of Israel, which details the history of the land step by step. – walk with us through the sites of the Holy Land

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