Text-2-Image illustrations

Started to use Open AI tool of Dall-E 2 – a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.

First use in web page: Burnt House.

Also used Stable Diffusion online with text, such as: “Greeks battle Hasmoneans”:

Yet another good text-2-image: Craiyon

These programs are a branch of AI that generate data, such as drawings in this case, hence they are called Generative Artificial Intelligence. The illustrations provide supporting material to the descriptions in BibleWalks.com. Therefore – future helps to shape the past!



Website restored

Website encountered several issues since January 18.

It is now, January 20, fully restored.







16th Year Anniversary

BibleWalks.com 16th year serving the community – July 5, 2006 – 2022


  • Total published sites: 501 (many more to come…)
  • Total photos: >18,700 (in 2 resolutions)
  • Total Info pages: 44
  • Total Maps: 23





New camera: D850

We upgraded the photos quality of BibleWalks, with our newly purchased SLR camera: Nikon 850. It is replacing the D610 camera that served us in the past years.
The camera is a full frame (FX) 45.7 Mega Pixels sensor, capturing hi-res (8256 x 5504 pix) still photos and 4K (UHD) videos.

First photo published: Wild flowers – Iris Crimson