New page – Tel Haror

A new site was added in the Shefela area – Tel Haror. Ruins of a multi-period massive Biblical city. A possible identification is Gerar, an important royal city in the age of the Patriarchs.

  See the Tel Haror page.


New Page – Temple cave

A site was reviewed in the Upper Galilee area- Temple cave:  A mysterious complex of caves above the Kziv stream, in the Upper Galilee area, with a large engraving of  an ancient Roman soldier on the surface of the cliff.

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New Page – Sharuhen

A new page was added in the Negev area –

Sharuhen was a major Canaanite city in the western Negev area, situated on the way from Egypt northwards and from the coast eastwards. The Canaanite city was the last stand of the Hyksos after their expulsion from Egypt in the 16th century BC. Some scholars identify it in Tell el-Farah near the Gaza strip.

  Read about it:   Sharuhen



New page – Joseph Lookout

A new page was added in the Samaria area. The Joseph lookout point, adjacent to Tell er-Ras on Mt. Gerizim, offers great great views of Mt. Ebal, Tel Shechem, Nablus, and the tomb of Joseph.

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Coronavirus update

Due to the spread of the virus, travel in Israel’s sites is banned since last week, and all citizens are confined to their homes.

While physical travel is not allowed, we invite all our readers to enjoy our virtual Bible-Walking experience. There are more than 450 sites to visit, packed with our photos and reviews.

We wish health to all and a return to norm as soon as possible.