New page: Red Tower

Remains of an ancient Tel and a small Crusader period tower keep in Kh. Bergth (Horvat Burgeta) near Kefar Yonah in the Sharon.

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New Page: Castel

New site added in Judea region:

   The Castel

   A hilltop stronghold protecting the road to Jerusalem, constructed over the ruins of Roman and Crusader forts. Fierce battles occurred here in 1948 in an effort of the Israeli forces to open the road to besieged Jerusalem. Today – a National Heritage site operated by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

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New Page: Kiriath Jearim

New site was added in Judea region:

The Biblical place of Tel Kir’yat Ye’arim in Abu Ghosh, and the Monastery of the Ark of Covenant on top of the hill.

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