Greek Catholic Church, Nazareth

The parish church of the Greek Catholic community, built in 1887, is located in the middle of the old market and  is adjacent to the Synagogue church.

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   The Greek Catholic Church of Nazareth is a modern Church, built in 1887. It is adjacent to the Synagogue church, which is also managed by the Melkite Greek Catholics.


The Church is located in the middle of Nazareth old market (road #6120), in the Churches district, adjacent to the Synagogue church.

It is seen towering over the market, with its dome and two bell towers.


  The Greek Catholic church (Melkites) split from the Greek Orthodox church in 1724. Today the Melkites are roughly 25% of the Christian population in Israel, where the Greek Orthodox are about 33%, 18% are Latin-Catholics,  4% are Maronite and 20% other Christians.

  This Church was built in 1887,  is adjacent to the older Crusader structure.



(a) Entrance:

   The door to the Greek Catholic church and the Synagogue Church is located in the middle of the old market. The following photo shows the exterior of the entrance courtyard.

Click on the photo to view it in higher resolution…

The following photo shows the entrance to both the Greek Catholic church (on the right) and the Synagogue church (its door is on the left).

(b) Templon:

   A view inside the Church is seen below, with the “Templon” – a decorated covered screen with icons and paintings  (also called conostasis) – which  separates the hall and the holy place behind it (the altar, or sanctuary). There are two other side doors that lead to the back of the screen, a custom in all Melkite churches.

   The icons above the screen are ordered in a sequence that is common to all Melkite churches – the Holiest are in the center above the entrance to the altar, and all are facing the center (towards Christ). The icons include Virgin Mary to the left, some of the Apostles,  John the Baptist (the forerunner), founders of the Church,  Saints and prophet Elijah (on the right).

A detail of the left painting, with Mary and infant Jesus, is seen below.

Greek Catholic, Nazareth

   A detail of the right painting, with adult Jesus, is seen below. The Greek initials on the halo, “ΟωΝ”, means “He Who is”, referring to the messenger of God.

Greek Catholic, Nazareth

(c) Other Interior:

A detail of the ceiling under the dome is seen below

The priest’s chair was imported from Greece and is a masterpiece of fine woodwork.

Another corner in the church is seen below.

Greek Catholic church, Nazareth

(d) Exterior:

The Church has two bell towers, this one just above the Synagogue church entrance.



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