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   This page summarizes the sites that are reviewed in the region of Beit-Kerem and the municipal area of Karmi'el.




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   This page is a sites gallery of the region of Beit-Kerem, a region in the north side of the Lower Galilee. These sites are located inside and  around the valley of Beit-Kerem and in the area of the city of Karmi'el.


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   A nature reserve on the south-western edge of Beit-Kerem valley. It is centered around a hill with a unique double-hump form  with an ancient fortress on top of it.



Har Gamal (Mt Camel)



Pigeons caves


   A nature reserve on the western edge of Beit-Kerem valley, with a cluster of caves with remains from prehistoric settlements.




Pigeons caves near Har Gamal




Khirbet Kabra


    Ruins located on a small hill on the north-west side of Karmi'el. This was probably one of the Byzantine monasteries in the area. 


Khirbet Kabra, Karmi'el



Khirbet Madrasah


  Ruins of a Byzantine monastery located on a small hill on the north-west side of Karmi'el.






Hurvat Kav


  Ruins of a Byzantine monastery,  located in an archaeological park in the west side of Karmi'el.  


Hurvat Kav in the center of an archaeological park





Khirbet Zagag


  Ruins of a Byzantine monastery,  located on a hill in the center of Karmi'el.   Initial excavations revealed rooms, oil press and chapel on top of the small hill.


Khirbet Zagag





Khirbet Bata


  A Byzantine fortified village located on a high hill on the east side of Karmi'el.  This was the most important sites in the area.


Khirbet Bata, Karmi'el



Khirbet Kenes (el-Kanayis)


    Ruins of a Byzantine monastery located on a high hill on the east side of Karmi'el. 




Karmi'el (Overview)


  One of the prettiest cities in Israel, located in the heart of Beit-Kerem. During Byzantine period a center of many monasteries.





El-Khader cave


   A Holy cave on the cliffs above the northern side of Beit-Kerem.  According to Arabic tradition - Elijah's hiding cave. The Crusaders dedicated it to St. George. A Sheik's tomb is located at the site.


El-Khader cave, above Beit-Kerem valley






   A Muslim town north of Karmiel. It was a large village during the Hellenistic and Byzantine periods.




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